Monday, July 26, 2010

Exciting Monday

Today has been pretty normal. Alex went to work at noon and then the kids all went down for their naps. When they got up I was just being lazy while they were watching a movie and playing. I had shut my eyes for just a few mins. and then Brodie woke me up and said he needed to go potty (he was running around with no diaper) I said ok then sit on your toilet, well then he brings his little Brodie toilet into the living room sat on it and then I heard it......he went!! He was so excited.
So all day without me saying a word he will sit down when he needs to go then tell me "look look" and I check and sure enough there is pee there! People tried to tell me to try sooner then before he was three, but mommy knows best and he is doing it all by himself. I made some cookies and I always let them lick the spoon or the beaters.
Now we are just wasting time til dad gets home.

1 comment:

  1. YAY!!!!!!!!! Getting a kid potty-trained is like the best thing EVER!!!!!! Hopefully he'll stick with it! And don't be surprised if it takes a little bit longer for him to poop. For some reason that can take longer.


Fun in the Sun

These were some pictures Aunt Jehn took of the kids at the park.

Brodie's First Cart

Brodie is our very smart and fun almost three year old. We went to Dillon's for some groceries and thought it would be fun to let Brodie have his own little cart. Thinking he would need help, because he is only almost three, I held on to the front of his little cart. Well, he didn't want me to do that so he moved my hand off and away he went. He followed behind Alex and I walked beside Brodie. He was so funny, he looked like he had been pushing a cart for years. We would need to turn around to go back the opposite way and he would just flip his cart around like it was old news. He is always surprising us with how smart he is. I love this little boy and I am excited to watch him grow. Don't mind his little nose, he was playing with Daddy and found the door frame with his nose :(