Thursday, September 30, 2010


We got to go to one of Alex's Cousin's Son's baptism and while we were there they had family photos taken.

~OuR LiTtLe FaMiLy~

* Alex's brother,Mom, and Dad *

~ThE GaNg~

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

*This and That*

Look how big they are getting :(
Mister Brodie

Our "Tank" Conner

Little Miss Lexie

At the Kansas State Fair
And no I never mean to have the boys match it always just happen.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Emergancy Emergancy

So Friday we decided to go to Nana & Papa's because Alex was off and we wanted to go swimming. I was inside talking to Pennie and she looked outside and said "I wonder what's wrong with Conner?" Alex was holding him and I just thought that he was loving on Conner and letting Conner feel safe in the water. Well, then I see Papa and Uncle Spencer come stand by him, then I realized what really happened. Conner had fallen out of his little tube in the pool, but his feet were still stuck in it keeping him from getting above water. GEEZE!! We were all swimming and having fun, and Nana was going to go to Dillon's and was just playing with Brodie chasing him around to tell him bye. Then I see her holding him and go to see what was wrong because Brodie doesn't really cuddle, she asks if I could go get Tim. Then as I walk by her I see blood on her shirt. Come to find out he fell and landed on their outside well and landed on a bolt. We took him to the ER and they had to do about 4-5 stitches. He was awesome, the nurses and doctor loved him and said over and over how cute he was. After they stitched him up he told them "thank you" and we were off to go home. Just a thought to Nana. This wasn't your fault so no feeling bad for it. Brodie is a boy and boo boos will happen.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Exciting Monday

Today has been pretty normal. Alex went to work at noon and then the kids all went down for their naps. When they got up I was just being lazy while they were watching a movie and playing. I had shut my eyes for just a few mins. and then Brodie woke me up and said he needed to go potty (he was running around with no diaper) I said ok then sit on your toilet, well then he brings his little Brodie toilet into the living room sat on it and then I heard it......he went!! He was so excited.
So all day without me saying a word he will sit down when he needs to go then tell me "look look" and I check and sure enough there is pee there! People tried to tell me to try sooner then before he was three, but mommy knows best and he is doing it all by himself. I made some cookies and I always let them lick the spoon or the beaters.
Now we are just wasting time til dad gets home.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Catching up

Since I last blogged Brodie had his third bithday. We did a small party here at our house then one with family. Brodie loved his cake and was so excited to eat it. Then on Friday we went to the zoo for some fun before his other party at Nana and Papa's.
Brodie was very excited as you can tell, but Conner was not. While we were there they had a fire truck there to spray water.
Brodie got right into the fun of it and ran all over. Brodie and Conner both ran and ran.
It was so fun to watch them. While at the party for Brodie at Nana and Papa's he got to eat more cake. We gave some to Conner and well, he's such a mess. Little Lexie got to eat a cheese stick, .she didn't mind. Then Brodie got his present from Nana and Papa.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Last night as I was sitting on the computer trying to use up time before Alex got home, I was reading old posts from NieNie's blog. It really touched me and made me feel a lot of differnet things. I started to feel that I had no reason to complain about my small imperfection on my face or any other "poor me" things. That, I need to be a better wife and mother, and to play, laugh, and love more. I also felt so strongly again that Heavenly Father knows and takes care of all things. I know that from watching my own life, and even though we've had rough times Heavenly Father was always there to guide and help us feel loved. I have three beautiful children that are healthy and a great husband that loves me. We have had many different trials in our lives but I have to remember that those are what make us who we are and they make us stronger. I just want to end by bearing my testimony, I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the one and only true church, I know that we all are here for a purpose and that we should life our lives preparing to return to Heavenly Father and to be more like him and Jesus Christ, I know that prayer does work and that through faith almost anything is posssible, I am grateful for the power of the Preisthood for the blessings we can recieve through them and faith. I love my family and I am grateful to be a mother and wife. Live your life to the fullest and most rigtheous becuz as fast as we can blink it can all be gone.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Today Alex has to close which means it will be a long day here at home. He was off yesterday so we went and got some things done and just had a lazy family day. Today I got the house cleaned back up, when Alex is home I don't want to spend my time cleaning so when he goes back to work the next day I have to get the house back to normal. The kids are all napping and I'm blogging, then what?!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Never ending Thursday

Today Alex gets off early and it seems like those are the longest days for me. Why is it when you actually want the time to fly by it doesn't? Oh well I have a fun thing for me time tonight. Jehn is having a Sentsy party, so that will be fun! This blogging thing is actually kind of nice. Alex was teasing me about it though, cuz I said I would never have one, and here I am blogging lol. Well, I look at it as a more fun way of journaling.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Trying the blog thing

I thought I would start the blogging thing. It looks like fun and I thought I should get up with the times lol. So we shall see!!

Fun in the Sun

These were some pictures Aunt Jehn took of the kids at the park.

Brodie's First Cart

Brodie is our very smart and fun almost three year old. We went to Dillon's for some groceries and thought it would be fun to let Brodie have his own little cart. Thinking he would need help, because he is only almost three, I held on to the front of his little cart. Well, he didn't want me to do that so he moved my hand off and away he went. He followed behind Alex and I walked beside Brodie. He was so funny, he looked like he had been pushing a cart for years. We would need to turn around to go back the opposite way and he would just flip his cart around like it was old news. He is always surprising us with how smart he is. I love this little boy and I am excited to watch him grow. Don't mind his little nose, he was playing with Daddy and found the door frame with his nose :(