Sunday, October 25, 2015

Interior Design

As a little girl I have always loved to look at beautiful homes. I would go to model homes with my mom and just dream and imagine how I would decorate my own home. There are so many different types of interior design, all different and equally pretty. I love the feel of French Country then add a little touch of Rustic and you have my ideal style. They both just make me feel warm and cozy, as if I could curl up on a big comfy couch with huge decorative pillows beside a roaring fire.
Well, now I get the chance to create and design. I recently took the opportunity to enroll in a college where I can take Interior design while still being a stay at home mom to our five rug rats! What is interior design? what all does it entail? Interior design made its appearance all the way back in the days of cave men. They would draw on the walls of their caves to beautify their space. It then integrated as the times changed. Ancient civilians, Middle ages, Renaissance..etc. There are six types of elements that pertain to decorating a space: Form, Pattern, Texture, Scale, Light, and Color. These elements have to blend together in order for the area being designed to look and feel right. I hope this has inspired you to want to beautify a space. I have learned it is never too late to case after your dreams! Let your creativity run wild and see what you can create! Beautiful pictures from Admin and M Pressions

Fun in the Sun

These were some pictures Aunt Jehn took of the kids at the park.

Brodie's First Cart

Brodie is our very smart and fun almost three year old. We went to Dillon's for some groceries and thought it would be fun to let Brodie have his own little cart. Thinking he would need help, because he is only almost three, I held on to the front of his little cart. Well, he didn't want me to do that so he moved my hand off and away he went. He followed behind Alex and I walked beside Brodie. He was so funny, he looked like he had been pushing a cart for years. We would need to turn around to go back the opposite way and he would just flip his cart around like it was old news. He is always surprising us with how smart he is. I love this little boy and I am excited to watch him grow. Don't mind his little nose, he was playing with Daddy and found the door frame with his nose :(