Saturday, October 1, 2011

Playing Catch UP

Since I have last blogged we have had a lot of new things happen. The most important change is, Alex joined the Army. He went into basic February of this year and graduated in May. Then after basic he stayed and went into Airborne School. Yes, that is where he learned to jump out of perfectly good airplanes.
He then was stationed in Anchorage, Alaska. We as a family decided to keep the kids and I here in KS because he is to deploy in December. Live is crazy but we have a lots of fun and have a lot of support.

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Fun in the Sun

These were some pictures Aunt Jehn took of the kids at the park.

Brodie's First Cart

Brodie is our very smart and fun almost three year old. We went to Dillon's for some groceries and thought it would be fun to let Brodie have his own little cart. Thinking he would need help, because he is only almost three, I held on to the front of his little cart. Well, he didn't want me to do that so he moved my hand off and away he went. He followed behind Alex and I walked beside Brodie. He was so funny, he looked like he had been pushing a cart for years. We would need to turn around to go back the opposite way and he would just flip his cart around like it was old news. He is always surprising us with how smart he is. I love this little boy and I am excited to watch him grow. Don't mind his little nose, he was playing with Daddy and found the door frame with his nose :(